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Ojalá Niños is a non-profit year round program that gives 100 + indigenous children in the rural community of San Miguel Viejo, México the opportunity to explore their strengths through art, music and literacy in a safe place where children can gather and be guided without judgement. Ojalá Niños believes that this kind of environment stimulates thought, imagination and the potential to find liberation from poverty, ignorance and oppression; and can lead to personal pride, strength of character and the desire to build a cooperative community.  $28.00 per month supports one child’s access to literacy, music, dance, art, field trips, life skills and enrichment classes. To learn more, visit:


Read about Ojalá Niños land purchase and the mark of new beginnings:

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Mission Mexico seeks to bring the Gospel to the indigenous communities of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico by being the hands and feet of Christ, through providing physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the impoverished.  They serve alongside the local church in rural Otomi communities providing eco-stoves, rain-water harvesting systems, community gardening, discipleship and education.  Saturdays you can find them hosting bible clubs under century old trees next to ancient Spanish walls that once enslaved the people of Mexico. A passion for the people and for sharing truth in love is the catalyst behind the vision of Mission Mexico. To learn more, visit:



Casa Hogar Corazón Valiente is committed to enriching the lives of young girls who have been neglected in Guanajuato, Mexico. Barbara Rueda and Rodney Dye founded Córazon Valiente in 2014 to provide these girls with a safe haven as well as a place to help them with psychological, educational, health and wellbeing issues. Inspired by community values and by the spirit of belonging, Casa Hogar Corazón Valiente has created a family-centric environment to provide children an opportunity to thrive free from abuse, discrimination and poverty. Here, children get a chance to play in wide open spaces and learn about art, music, literature and technology. Here, they can become whole, stable children of society with happier and healthier futures. To learn more, visit: